Imperium: Install

Imperium requires a modern computer system and a web-browser (user agent) that complies with the XHTML1.1 and CSS 2.1 standards. A PDF reader application or equivalent is required to view PDF version 1.4 output. Some other features of Mozilla CSS 3 have been used as well.

Server Installation

#How to install Imperium on a Linux+Apache+PHP+ZF+PostgreSQL system


  • Linux Server - Gentoo, Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS and Fedora have been tested
  • Apache 2 - Development team uses 2.2
  • PHP 5 - Development uses 5.3
  • Zend Framework 1.8
  • PostgreSQL >=9

MySQL may work but has not been tested as much as PostgreSQL


emerge ack php-pgsql mlocate php-ZendFramework-Gdata php-ZendFramework-Pdf

Debian / Ubuntu

apt-get install ack php-pgsql mlocate php-ZendFramework-Gdata php-ZendFramework-Pdf


yum install ack php-pgsql mlocate php-ZendFramework-Gdata php-ZendFramework-Pdf


Clone or export the latest version to some location on the system such as /opt/edoceo/imperium/

svn export /opt/edoceo/imperium

Create the database user and the database itself

# psql -U postgres
=# create user imperium;
=# create database imperium with owner imperium encoding 'UTF8';

Change to the approot/sql directory then run each of those files in order.

# cd /opt/edoceo/imperium/approot/sql
# for f in *; do psql -U imperium -f $f; done

Then update the configuration in approot/etc/imperium.ini accordingly.

# Imperium
# Imperium Zend for
Alias /imperium /opt/edoceo/app/imperium/webroot
<Directory /opt/edoceo/app/imperium/webroot>
    Allow from All
<Location /imperium>
    Options FollowSymLinks
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /imperium
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /imperium/index.php/$1 [QSA,L]
#    SSLRequireSSL
#    SSLRequire %{SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_O}  eq "Edoceo, Inc." and %{SSL_CLIENT_S_DN_OU} in {"Internet Engineering"}
#    SSLVerifyClient require
#    SSLVerifyDepth  0

Configure the imperium.ini and/or imperium-local.ini and then also configure username.ini.

End User System Requirements

These requirements are based on what has been tested by Edoceo. Other applications may exist and function properly, if you know something we don't please tell us!

Full Visibilty requires a resolution of 1024x768 but, the current design works nice in the iPhone.

User AgentPlatformCompatibility
AOLAnyNot Tested or Supported
CaminoMac OS XCompatible and Supported
EpiphanyAnyCompatible and Supported
FirefoxAnyCompatible and Supported
FlockAnyCompatible and Supported
Internet ExplorerWindowsNot Tested
KonquerorLinux 2.6 + KDECompatible and Supported
Netscape (any)AnyNot Tested
OmniWebMac OS XNot Tested or Supported
OperaAnyNot Tested or Supported
SafariMac OS X / iPhoneCompatible and Supported
ShiiraMac OS XCompatible and Supported
WebkitAnyCompatible and Supported
PDF ReaderPlatformCompatibility
Adobe AcrobatAnyCompatible and Supported
EvinceLinux 2.6 + GNOMECompatible and Supported
Foxit ReaderAnyCompatible and Supported
GhostScriptLinux 2.6 + GNOME, KDECompatible and Supported
KPDFLinux 2.6 + KDECompatible and Supported
OkularLinux 2.6 + KDE4Compatible and Supported
PopplerAnyCompatible and Supported
PreviewMac OS XCompatible and Supported
XPDFLinux 2.6 + GNOME, KDECompatible and Supported

The Wikipedia will have more information about Web Browsers and PDF readers.