Imperium: Features

Imperium is designed to keep all critical Business and Financial data in one place.

Quick Simple Web Based Interaction
Data can be captured quickly and easily from almost any terminal. SSL Web based system is remotely available from anywhere on this planet and possibly outer-space.
Client Relationship Management
Stores Companies, Contacts and Vendors with direct access to complete histories for Work Orders, Invoices and Notes.
Google Calendar Integration
View your Agenda and Calendar and directly add Events
Google Map Integration
Click to view Google Maps of Client Addresses and other Address Locations
Google Email Integration
Read and Reply to Messages from any IMAP enabled account, copy messages and attachments to Contact Folders
Simple Intelligent Search
Quickly locate any and all data in the system through a simple search interface. Search features are implemented with Zend_Search_Lucene built on top of the Apache Projects Lucene engine.
Accounting and Bookkeeping
Unlimited Accounts, simple Journal based Transaction entry. Print Cheques direcly as PDF documents. Transaction Wizard records transaction patterns for easy replay and data entry later.
Account Statements
View standard statements like Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Owners Equity and Income (Profit & Loss) statements.
Account Tax Forms
Print reports for Schedule C, E and many other US Tax Forms.
Work Orders
Use Work Orders to track parts, time and expenses for Project, Subscription or Single Jobs. Print or email as a PDF.
Quickly create Invoices from Work Orders or scratch. Print or email as a PDF.
User Account and Account Control
Up to 4 billion users with varying levels of access to features and modules. All signifigant user actions are recorded on histories. Includes ability for remote sharing of data with your Accountant.